Taryn Heart

What sets me apart from other helping professionals is that I have master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. I also have over 15 years of experience providing competent services helping people in alternative lifestyles such as Polyamory, kink, BDSM, open relationships, swinging and more. I am passionate about working with people in relationships. My focus in relationship and sex consulting is on improving communication and problem-solving skills, understanding patterns, and improving the sense of connection between partners.

Now a little about me personally. I want you to know I am coming from a place of knowledge, with both personal and professional experience. I have been poly all my life, though I didn’t always have the language for it. I’ve been in a variety of relationship dynamics and believe that all forms are valid as long as everyone consents. I discovered my kinky side in young adulthood and have really enjoyed exploring the world of BDSM and all it has to offer.

I approach helping others in a highly organic, intuitive way, and have spent many years training my intuitive senses to be able to pick up on things that might otherwise be missed. I tend to be somewhat informal, as I feel that it’s important to be a person first, and an expert second. I offer a highly-personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s individual needs to help them attain the personal growth they’re striving for. With an integration of complimentary approaches, I draw from a variety of methodologies and techniques to incorporate what is most helpful for each individual. I really believe everyone already has within them what they need to heal; we just sometimes need a helping hand. Let me be yours.


M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
B.A. in Psychology with emphasis in Family Sciences

Additional training:

Age Play, Domestic Violence, Gestalt Therapy, High Protocol, Inclusive Sexuality, Managing Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness, Managing Jealousy, Nonviolent Communication, Sex Addiction, Sexual Assault, Sexual Dysfunction, SM and Lifestyle, True submission, Understanding Trauma


Counselor with Moving to End Sexual Assault.
Transitional women’s advocate with Hope Cottage (Domestic violence shelter).
Family advocate with Hope Cottage.
Women and Family advocate with Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence.
Counselor with Access Counseling.
Counselor and Supervisor with The Butterfly Within Counseling Center.

Amber Heart

I have been in the helping, consulting, intimate connection, and
alternative lifestyle professions (ie. professional cuddling, exotic
dancing, etc.) for over 13 years. Relationship consulting has always been a strong passion of mine, and I have felt a strong connection and desire to help people in their personal and intimate lives. This connection has shown up in my life many times during both my personal and professional endeavors. One profession that speaks to my passion for helping others and inter-personal relationships is my role in professional cuddling. In that line of work, I combine the art of conversation with active listening and platonic physical touch to help clients feel relaxed, relief from daily stress, and to just be heard. I also bring a lot of experience from my work as an exotic dancer. Dancing is much more than entertaining and fantasy – it takes a seasoned listener and a fair amount of compassion to build a connection with a person you just met and allow clients to feel comfortable enough to confide personal details of their life and translate that to a personalized, in-the-moment, semi-intimate experience.

When All Hearts United presented me with this opportunity, it fell perfectly in alignment with this journey of helping others, both in the work that I’ve already done and in the work I will be doing for the future. My focus as a consultant is to provide individuals and couples with a strong and healthy personal foundation in order to create inward and outward harmony for my clients via effective communication skills, confidence, and a deep connection within themselves and their
partner(s). With an open heart, I strive to create and maintain a space of complete inclusivity in working with sex positive, LGBTQA+, kink, BDSM, consensual non-monogamy, swinging and polyamorous communities of all ethnicities, religious and philosophical backgrounds, and all walks
of life.

As a consultant, I rely on my strengths in my ability to see my client’s perspective, my compassion for what they are experiencing, and my intuition in helping them name what it is that they might be feeling. Some of my favorite techniques include the use of NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Love Languages, Speaker/Listener when working with couples, expectation management, meditative body awareness and ritual work.

As an individual, I am both spiritual and creative. Spiritually, I’m a practicing pagan with special connections to the earth and animals. My hobbies include illustration, painting, writing music, singing, and pole and aerial dance. In the alternative lifestyle world, I’m bi-sexual and I’ve had experience with consensual non-monogamy as well as various kinks. I also engage in fetish wrestling, which is nude wrestling and domination play. I have been exploring consensual non-monogamy since my early 20’s.

I use my personal as well as professional experiences to help clients navigate their own lifestyle and answer questions they may have based on those experiences as well as the knowledge I have gained from training with All Hearts United. I look forward to meeting you and speaking with
you about your inter-personal journey and needs!

Christine Heart

My healing path coupled with studying under and with amazing leaders has molded me in profound ways.  It allowed me to hone a multi-faceted approach backed by a knowledge of people, spiritual principals, relationships, and health.  From a young age I developed a reputation for being the one you could bring anything to and receive compassion and honesty.  I am empathic by nature so compassion comes easily.  I grew up in a big city in the Mid-West which cultivated my brutal honesty however, living out west has softened my edges and approach.

My approach in consulting has been to listen, listen some more, ask questions and then offer what opportunities could work.  Things need to be tried out to know if they work for you.  I have a myriad of tools and ideas at my disposal to support you and I am only attached to finding what will make you happy and enrich your life.  I am never attached to what it takes to get you there.  Everyone’s path to their desires is unique and personal.   I have a realistic but bright view of life.  There is so much to celebrate and be grateful for and some moments in life or relationships can just plain suck and are unfair.  Life can feel heavy, hard, confusing, even infuriating and impossible.  I know personally and professionally how difficult that can feel.  I know the value of having an educated and open person in a safe space to explore what got a person(s) there and how to work on the paths to get one to brighter days.  It is an incredible honor when people allow me to be in that space with them.  I love appreciating the beauty in the dark and the light that one might not see so easily along the way on these journeys.

I have personal and professional experience with: sex positivity, consensual non-monogamy, kink, BDSM, polyamory, addictions, and traumas.  Through my own experience, those I have worked with, and close friends I have discovered it’s not always easy to be with those you love.  I believe that healthy love doesn’t always come easy, doesn’t always stay easy, looks different for Everyone and is worth every bit of that effort!  Having that teammate(s) makes live so incredibly rich.  That support really allows many people to blossom and create more with their life.  Having that honor for oneself and learning healthy boundaries seems to open and support all the above.  Life never ceases to stop becoming… “interesting”.  Which gives us plenty of personal opportunities and opportunities within a relationship to grow. I am excited to help you discover the tools and habits that work best for You and Yours.  I look forward to helping you discover; Your healthy, Your Joy, to find Your healing path and rediscover or maintain Your most awesome life!